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What You Didn’t Know About Smoking Cessation Laws

What You Didn't Know About Smoking Cessation Laws

Smoking cessation laws refer to an organized process to ban or impede the practice of inhaling a smoked substance, such as cigarettes. Smoking cessation laws or programs target primarily tobacco smoking, but also focus on other substances that spark infectious or cancerous diseases through chemicals and addictive substances.
Smoking cessation laws and programs are community-based organizations that focus on educating smokers of the dangers associated with the practice. In addition, smoking cessation programs will educate smokers on effective products or functions that will enable the smoker to quit or wean from the substance.
The whole premise of smoking cessation programs is to eliminate the practice of smoking chemical substances in a community. Through such programs, hundreds of thousands of people have successfully quit smoking, and through the educational efforts, many of those same individuals have spread their knowledge to other smokers in danger of developing a disease or an unrelenting addiction.